How to complete the Ember of the East Opportunity in Red Dead Online

Here’s how you can complete Red Dead Online’s latest heist, the Ember of the East

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The biggest addition to Red Dead Online with its Dead Money update was the introduction of “Opportunity missions,” which we’ll just call heists since that’s pretty much what they are. These missions, which cost a minimum of 15 Capitale to start, task players with stealing precious jewels. The latest heist, the Ember of the East, has players steal a flawless ruby from the town of Annesburg. Like other Blood Money missions, this one can be started at any Blood Money NPC.

When you first ride into Annesburg, you’ll find that the town is heavily guarded. It’s best to sneak around as much as you can, so use a bow and thrown weapons. There are three locations where the chest could be; the first two are close by while the last is on the other side of town.

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The first place you’ll want to check is the foreman’s office. To get there, skirt along the town’s coast, then head up into the large red building. Up there, you’ll find the foreman, who you can kill for keys to his office. If the chest containing the ruby isn’t in his office, you can still loot it for a valuable trinket to sell to a fence. Past the office, you can find an envelope on a table that should clarify where the ruby is being kept.

Next, you’ll want to check the Sheriff’s office. If you’ve managed to be sneaky up to this point, don’t bother anymore, things are going to get loud. To get into the office you’ll either have to kill an officer, who you can find sauntering along the town’s main street, or you can break in. Either way, shots will likely be fired. Like the foreman’s office, if the chest isn’t in here you can still find a small bit of loot.

The final location where the ruby might be is in the Annesburg mines. If your horse is nearby, be sure to get your shotgun out for this part. Head over to the part of the mines pictured below and you’ll find the chest containing the ember of the East.

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Once you have the ruby, all that’s left is to deliver it to Martelli. Of course, the law isn’t going to let you go that easily. Along the way, you’ll find a couple of solid groups of enemies. Take them out before going on so you don’t end up with too many enemies on your tail. Deliver the ruby and enjoy your payday.