How to complete the Find OK!-chan side quest in Anno: Mutationem

Discover the identity of the Noctis City pop idol.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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After completing the Highway story mission where you infiltrate a Grub-infested underground bunker, you will get the opportunity to help Ayame with a side project of hers. Finding information about the popular idol OK!-chan can be a little tricky, as the game doesn’t really provide you with any guidance. Here’s how to complete the “Find OK!-chan” side quest in Anno: Mutationem.

After the Highway mission, you will appear in Noctis City. Head to the bright billboard featuring OK!-chan to start the sidequest. You will first have to find and talk to a handful of NPCs, which are helpfully marked on your map. There is nothing special you need to do except talk to them, before eventually being directed to a building where OK!-chan supposedly lives. Upon entering, you can faintly hear her synth-pop emanating from one room upstairs, but the room is locked tight.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Head downstairs to the ground floor and peek through the peephole. You should see a pattern on the table to your lower right — that’s the passcode for the door upstairs. Although it’s an odd place for a puzzle solution, those three symbols will get you in the door. Head in, find out the identity of OK!-chan, and then return to the quest giver for your reward of 400 Grombits, 1 Grom Upgrade point, and some cash for your wallet.