How to complete the Gatsby Challenge in BitLife

An excellent book you’ve probably read.

Image via Candywriter.

This weekend’s challenge in BitLife is all about the Great American novel, The Great Gatsby. The Gatsby Challenge will have you fulfill a variety of requirements before the challenge goes away.

Here’s what you need to do.

  • Live in New York
  • Be a famous author
  • Have 20+ friends
  • Throw 10+ wild parties in your mansion
  • Become addicted to alcohol

The first step for the challenge should be pretty straightforward. You will need to have your character move to New York. Your character can start and remain there, or you can choose to move there when you’re older. To make that part easier, you will need to start in the United States, rather than moving to the country.

The next step will be to become a famous author. To do this in BitLife, you want to make sure your smarts are pretty high, preferably above 80 points, and graduate from High School. You might want to go to college to gain additional education with a writing degree in English. After that, there should be a job role on the occupation page to become a writer. The exact job title is Writer, and it should be alongside the publisher role. From there, you keep your smarts extremely high and work hard at your profession every year. Eventually, you should become a famous author after several years.

The next step is to have multiple friends. For every new person you might, you’ll have to continually spend time with them, give them gifts, and maintain a healthy relationship with them. The critical thing is to spend time with them fairly often.

Now, the final two steps go hand-in-hand. You need to have wild parties inside of your mansion and become an alcoholic. You’ll become an alcoholic after choosing from a multiple-choice offer to drink alcohol, so you’ll have to do this several times. You can do this at parties or in random encounters, but make sure always to choose alcohol. To hold wild parties in your mansion, you need to purchase a mansion, which will cost millions of dollars and will likely happen after you’ve become a famous author. You can expect to spend a lot of money on this, so save up.

Once you’ve completed all of those steps, you’re good to go. The Gatsby Challenge shouldn’t take you too long to complete, so long as you maintain your smarts and have a degree in English.