How to become a famous writer and author in BitLife

What book do you want to write?

Image via Candywriter

Writers have to work extremely hard to keep up with their craft and gain notoriety in the world. It’s challenging but gratifying. The same thing is true in BitLife. If you want to become a famous writer, you need to work diligently to gain a reputation.

The first thing you need to become a writer in BitLife is to graduate high school. Your character needs to have pretty high smarts, so you want to increase that as much as you can. There are multiple ways to do that, such as reading books through the tireless mini-game or visiting the library to read books. Both activities are effective at keeping your character’s smart stats up.

Once you graduate high school, you need to head to college and work towards an English degree. We recommend you attend a graduate school for higher learning, again, with a focus on English. After you’ve done that and you graduate, the next step is to wait for a writer position to open up in the occupations. There’s quite a bit of luck when it comes to having this job appear, so if you’re patient, it should arrive. You should see (publisher) next to it, too.

When your character has the job, like any profession, you need to work hard on it every year and ensure your character maintains their high smarts. The same methods to keep your smart stats high that you did in school work at any age, so no need to change up your strategy. After seven to 10 years of being a writer and working hard, you should eventually become famous. The fame status will appear, and you’ll need to work on maintaining your notoriety by writing books every so often.

There’s a certain strategy for obtaining this job, but overall, there’s nothing too complicated about it. Unfortunately, finding the writer position available under the occupation tab is probably the only complication, as is having a character with high smarts stats when they initially start. You can always reroll your character to start over.