How to complete the Grawnk Munch achievement in Guild Wars 2

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Grawnk Munch is an achievement in Guild Wars 2 that is activated through Orphan Laine’s letter during the Wintersday event. Grawnk is a Grawl, and a needy one at that, not only stealing things from the orphans, but also demanding unique and interesting foods that he’s never had before. Completing this event grants the players the Holiday Display Case needed to unlock the collection “For the Children!”, as well as the unique title “Deer Commander.”

Where to find Grawnk

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Grawnk is located in the unique racial instance of the player’s home city. Opening Orphan Laine’s letter will move your map towards the instance in your home city giving you the general idea of where to go. Once you’ve entered you home instance, you need to look for the colored Christmas candy icons on the mini map.

Speaking to Grawnk will start the dialogue of him informing you that he wishes to try different foods. However, these foods cannot be bought from anyone but the Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone. You must then travel to where Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone is and purchase the different foods to give Grawnk, but this is time gated to only once per day.

You need to feed Grawnk three times, so you must do this once a day for three days to complete the achievement.

The different foods you can purchase are as follows:

  • Bowl of Bloodstone Broth – for 1 Snowflake
  • Cup of Bloodstone Soup – 1 Shiny Frying Pan either Fine or Masterwork quality purchased from Sentry Triktiki north of the Arcallion Wapoint
  • Chalice of Bloodstone Chilli – for 1 Superior Sigil of Mischief which can be bought for around 4 gold Alternatively, it can be crafted at rating 400 by either an Artificer, Huntsman, or Weaponsmith after obtaining the recipe from the Charity Corps Seraph in Divinity’s Reach for 3 gold and 15,0001 Karma

Where to find Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone

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Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone rotates his location every day and he moves about eight hours after the server resets, which is at 8:00 UTC. During Wintersday, he is marked with a Wintersday icon above his head. Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone appears in the following locations on the following days:

  • Monday – Hoelbrak: Upper Balcony Waypoint
  • Tuesday – Black Citadel: Mustering Group Waypoint
  • Wednesday – The Grove: Ronan’s Waypoint
  • Thursday – Divinity’s Reach: Common’s Waypoint
  • Friday – Rata Sum: Magicat Court Waypoint
  • Saturday – Lion’s Arch: Sanctum Harbor Waypoint
  • Sunday Diessa Plateau: Butcher’s Block Waypoint