How to complete the hallucination challenge in Rygjafylke in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Your vision’s a bit blurry.

Venturing towards the gods to prove if they favor you is a time-honored tradition among vikings, and is something you can explore in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. There are hallucination challenges you can undergo, and these challenges will augment your perspective of the world, causing you to see things because of the mushroom you eat before starting the challenge. There’s one of these challenges for you to undergo in Rygjafylke, on a small island to the northwest of Mannskapsangrep landmark.

When you reach this location and eat the Fly Algric, a mushroom, your vision will blur and you will figure out the riddle to complete the challenge. The only instructions you have are from a note written in an unsteady hand. It reads:

  • The first gate leads to Thruthheim, Where Thor thunders until Ragnarök.
  • The second gate leads to Freyja’s Folkvang, For good men and women grown weary of battle.
  • The third gate leads to Glasheim, Where the All-Father welcomes his blood-drinkers.

Standing behind the table where this note is are three statues, likely representing the three gods mentioned in this note: Thor, Freyja, and Odin, the All-Father. Each of these gods has a distinct feature about them. To complete the first challenge, you must pass through Thor’s gate. Look for a statue to the right of where the three stand at the center, holding a hammer. This will be Thor. Pass through the gate, and you will return to the center stones.

The next gate you need to find is Freyja’s. Of the three, she is the only female, so finding her statue will be far easier. To save you time, her gate is to the left of the circle. Pass through it as you did Thor’s.

The final gate you need to pass through to complete the challenge is Odin’s. He is male, but he is also holding a spear in his right hand. His gate will be to the right of Thor’s, two away. If you face forward when you arrive at the center stones, Odin’s gate is at four o’clock.

After you pass through the gate, Eivor will have learned some knowledge from the experience, and the trial will be over.