How to complete the Ho Ho Ho feat in Hitman 3

Go on, 47, say it.


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Ho Ho Ho is a feat in Hitman 3 that you can complete in the Holiday Hoarders mission. You need to take out both targets with accidental kills while wearing the Santa 47 Suit to complete it. There are multiple ways to do this, but finding the required suit can be tricky. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get the Santa 47 Suit in any run of Holiday Hoarders and offer some methods that will help you complete this feat.

Note that you can unlock the Santa 47 Suit by completing Holiday Hoarders. The suit unlocks once you finish the mission, but you’ll need to start it again with Agent 47 wearing the suit and get those important accidental kills to complete Ho Ho Ho.

Where to find Santa in Holiday Hoarders

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If you haven’t unlocked the Santa 47 Suit already, you can still complete this feat. However, you’ll need to find the suit in the mission, which is slightly more challenging than starting the mission wearing it. To do this, you need to subdue or kill Santa. You can find him in the dining room on the museum’s first floor, standing near the fireplace. There’s an NPC in this room, so watch out for them as you approach. Once you’ve taken Santa down, put on his disguise so you can get on with the rest of the feat. See below for a map reference for Santa’s location.

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Find the right accidents

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There are several accidental kill opportunities for you in Holiday Hoarders. For example, you could steal all the items that the targets are after yourself and then blow the targets up in the garden, which you need to do for the Oh, Deer feat. Alternatively, you can poison the wine in the cellar that the targets drink when they can’t find any of the items they want to steal.

However, there are easier ways to get an accidental kill. If finding Santa and taking his suit is the biggest challenge you want from this mission, then you can always subdue the targets while they’re on the first floor and dump their bodies from a balcony. Their deaths count as accidental that way. Another easy accident kill is to use emetic rat poison on the wine the targets drink, allowing you to drown them when they head off to vomit. It’s even possible to drop chandeliers on them while they’re climbing the stairs around the mansion. Make sure you’re wearing your festive disguise, and you’ll complete this feat once both targets have had unfortunate accidents.