How to complete the Holy! Moly! challenge in Hitman 3 Dartmoor Garden Show

They’re pests, 47 — it’s the only way.


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Of all the challenges that Dartmoor Garden Show adds to Hitman 3, the unusually titled Holy! Moly! challenge might be the best. It’s a classically silly assassination method that harks back to a simpler time in the Hitman franchise. This guide covers how you complete the challenge and get rid of some garden pests simultaneously.

To complete the Holy! Moly! challenge, you need to kill Cornelia with an explosive hidden in a molehill. All of this is so obscure that you’ll probably ignore it for a while before even attempting it. Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Step 1: Get the housekeeper disguise

Before you do anything else, you’ll need the housekeeper’s disguise. Run to the left of the starting location and make your way to the portable toilets. There’s an exit in the hedge maze here where a housekeeper will walk up and stand around for a while smoking.

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Below is a map reference for this location.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Flip a coin into the bushes ahead of the housekeeper to distract him and make him walk into them. As soon as he does, subdue him and take his outfit. You’re now in the perfect disguise to enter what little part of the mansion is still open.

Step 2: Get the security guard disguise

The housekeeper disguise is the only one that will get you into the mansion and past the guards. You need to walk in and go through the doors to either the left or right-hand side of the main living room. There are corridors on either side, and it doesn’t matter which one you choose. Try to go into the one on the same side as the security guard inside the living room though, since you need to distract him.

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You can use the gramophones in these corridors to distract the security guard or open the doors and flip a coin. However you do it, you then need to subdue the security guard, hide their body in the wardrobe, and take their disguise.

Step 3: Get the remote explosive

The remote explosive is back towards your starting location. Head back there and look for the area that has lots of room dividers around it and is guarded by a single security guard. This is where the explosive device is.

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Below is a map reference for this area.

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You can walk into this area, but watch out for the one enforcer in here who can see through your disguise. To avoid him, flip a coin or throw an object against the wall of the mansion. This allows you to sneak into the gazebo at the back of the area, where the remote explosive is lying on a table.

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Step 4: Explode the moles

Get out of the security area by flipping a coin to distract the enforcer again. Once you’re out, we recommend going back to the housekeeper’s body and changing back into your starting suit. There’s a security guard in the next area you’re heading to who can see through the disguise. After you’ve changed, run to the top-left garden in the show — it’s the one with the wicker shapes threading through it. There’s a molehill just next to the path in this garden.

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Below is a map reference for this molehill and the garden.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you’ve probably guessed, you need to interact with the molehill and hide the explosive device in it. This is made difficult by the NPCs around you. We advise flipping a coin to distract them into looking the opposite way while you plant the device. Otherwise, you’ll draw unwanted attention. When the device is firmly planted in the ground, you can relax and wait for Cornelia.

When she arrives, wait for her to walk close to the molehill. As she does, detonate the explosive. This will kill her and award you with the completed challenge.

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