Hitman 3 Dartmoor Garden Show Level 1 and 2 Silent Assassin guide

Be ready for any combination of targets 47.


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Dartmoor Garden Challenge is the first permanent event to be added to Hitman 3. It plants you in a revamped version of the Dartmoor location where gardeners from around the world are competing to be crowned as the best, but you’re there to thin out the competition a little. The targets in this mission are randomized, meaning you’ll never know which one you’re getting. We’ve put together this guide for killing every target across Leve 1 and Level 2 with a rank of Silent Assassin.

How does target randomization work?

Before we get into the guide, it’s important to understand that this mission is different every time you play it, unless you’re playing in Deterministic Mode. In Level 1, you’ll have to kill one randomly assigned target, and you may also have a secondary objective of keeping someone else alive. In Level 2, you’ll have to kill two randomly assigned targets and keep two others alive. The target you kill in Level 1 won’t be present in Level 2, so you can make Level 2 easier or more challenging by taking out certain targets in Level 1.

What follows is a Silent Assassin kill guide for all four targets that you may need to kill in Level 1 and Level 2 of Dartmoor Garden Show. The methods work across both Levels, and there’s no special equipment required for any of our methods. Agent 47’s standard loadout of fiber wire and coins will work just fine. The suit you see him wearing is The Scarlet Suit from The Lust Assignation.

Ken Takeuchi

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This target is probably the easiest in the mission. Ken Takeuchi is located in the Japanese garden, easy to identify thanks to the pink cherry blossom and huge red structure. To kill this target, you don’t even need to enter the garden. Instead, make your way around to the back of it and position yourself so that you can see the large bell highlighted in yellow while standing, hidden, in the hedge maze outside of anyone’s view.

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Below is a map reference for this location.

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All you need to do is wait for the target to be standing under the bell, leaning over the bridge. You’ll be able to see this using Agent 47s instinct because the target will put both of their arms down onto the bridge and settle in a distinctive position. Then, shoot just above the bell to cause it to drop and get you that kill.

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Gulshan Yazdani

Gulshan is the target in the garden with a large fountain and sheesha pipe. Our kill method requires some setup. From the starting location in this mission, head right and around the side of the mansion. There’s a set of stairs you’ll go down where a guard and housekeeper are sharing a kiss. Just to the left of this area is some rat poison that you need to pick up.

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Below is a map reference for the rat poison.

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Once you’ve got the rat poison, head to the sheesha pipe entrance to Gulshan’s garden, you can run from the rat poison to the gardens and end up at this entrance, next to the portable toilets. You need to use instinct to wait until Gulshan leaves the garden and goes down into the main event. This is because you need to distract the woman waiting near the sheesha pipe.

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When he’s walked off, flip a coin towards the entrance of the garden. This will cause the woman to come and investigate it. As soon as you flip the coin, run back and left to get into the garden. There’s another entrance next to the broken lawnmower that a gardener is trying to fix. Head straight for the sheesha pipe and poison it. If you’re too slow, you’ll be noticed.

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Now all you need to do is wait for Gulshan to return and use the pipe. It will take a few minutes, but he’ll eventually take a drag and suddenly feel very sick. He’s going to walk out of the area and go to the portable toilets to throw up. Once he’s there, drown him. Keep an eye out for a housekeeper who walks up and down to the right of the toilets. If they’re walking up, wait for them to settle at the top of their patrol. Otherwise, wait for them to disappear. This is an accidental kill, so you won’t lose your Silent Assassin rating when the body is found.

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You can also kill Gulshan with coconuts to complete the Cocoh no! challenge if you feel like taking things to the next level.

Evelyn Crane

To kill Evelyn Crane, you need a gardener’s disguise. The easiest one to get is left from your starting location. Run along the edge of the water until you see a gardener who is fishing. You can subdue them, hide the body, and take their disguise without anyone noticing.

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Below is a map reference for this gardener.

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Now you need a screwdriver. There’s one at the back of the hedge maze that’s easy to pick up, but if you know the location of another one, then use that.

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Below is a map reference for the screwdriver we recommend.

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Now head over to Crane’s garden. You need to turn on the tap at the base of one of the legs of the large metal structure. Make sure she’s not too close when you do this since you need some distance. She’ll walk over eventually, and when she does, you need to sabotage the light to the left of the puddle of water, electrifying her. Make sure you’re not too close because you can get caught in the damage here.

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Monon Beaulieu

This final target is the most challenging to kill. You can see Monon Beaulieu if you run to the left from your starting location. To kill her, we need to get the closest car battery, which is behind the stage. When you see the target, bump into her. This will slow her down and make the kill slightly easier.

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Below is a map reference for the car battery.

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Make your way now to where the target will be smoking. They walk down some stairs and stand smoking for a short while, conveniently next to a hosepipe. Follow the hosepipe back to the faucet and turn it on. This will create a puddle of water. Once you’ve turned it on, run into the bushes and position yourself so you can see your target. They may investigate the hosepipe and move on with their patrol, but they’ll still come back eventually, so just wait.

Once the target comes back, throw the car battery into the pool of water, and they’ll die instantly. Wait until the white dots above the heads of nearby NPCs have disappeared before you leave the bushes. If you don’t, you’ll be caught out.

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The exits are all the same in Dartmoor Garden Show. There are a couple that are always open and allow you just to walk away. However, the boat is closest to the show, so it makes sense to pick up the key and leave that way. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which exit you use unless you’re trying to cut your time down. Use whichever one you’re most comfortable with.