How to complete the Icarus challenge on Dubai in Hitman 3

Don’t fly too close to the sun.

You can complete multiple challenges in Hitman 3 that test your skills as the world’s best assassin. If you want to finish these challenges, you need to follow strict steps to meet their requirements to eliminate a target. In Dubai, you have two you need to take out, and one of them will be flying far too close to the sun in the Icarus challenge. The challenge requirement is to electrocute Marcus Stuyvesant using the sun at the art installation inside the build.

If you want to complete this challenge, we highly recommend you unlock the art installation starting point. This way, you’ll have a far easier time finishing the challenge. Stuyvesant moves pretty quickly in this mission, and if you don’t meet the requirements fast enough, he leaves the art exhibit.

When you start the art installation, on level 2, the first thing you need to do is find a crowbar. There is one on a level above you. When starting at the art installation, turn to your left and go up the ladder. Follow the ladder up, and then go down the path, taking a left and then another left. You should find the crowbar sitting next to a crate.

Now, the next step is to find a fuse box. Return to where you started as the art tech, and then go down the hallway behind the giant sun installation. There will be two female tech staff working the back. Take them out, and then you’ll find a fuse box.

Take the fuse from inside that box, using the crowbar to break into it. After that, return to the art installation starting point, and then go up the ladder. At the top of the ladder, to your left, is a fuse box that you can put the fuse you just grabbed.

Now, you can interact with the safety override terminal for the sun art. You have to wait for Stuyvesant to show up and then interact with the terminal. If you do not see Stuyvesant around, you likely missed him. We were unable to finish this challenge unless we used the art installation starting point. The other locations took too much time to reach there.