How to complete The Lice Slough in Graven

Messy work.

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When you arrive to the city of Cruxfirth in Graven, it’ll be your first steps in the game and you’re already being forced to do someone else’s dirty work. The guards blocking the entrance to the main hub want you to clear out the underground area of the city, and once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to enter the center. They don’t give you much to go on, so you’ll have to figure out what steps you need to take to clear it out.

How to complete The Lice Slough

Find underground entrance

The description in the journal entry for The Lice Slough doesn’t give you much assistance. It tells you to clear out a grave clog beneath the city. The exact entrance to this location is not given. After speaking with the guards at the entrance of town, return to the docks and look for the red barrels. Grab one of them, and then there should be a blocked off door right after you leave the docks. Place the red barrel in front of the door, hit it once to blow it up, and remove the wooden boards blocking your path. This method does leave a chance to potentially harm your character in the process.

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Once you gain access to this area, descend down the steps and you’ll receive your first spell, Inflame. It allows you to use fire spell to remove wooden blockades, which would have been helpful five seconds ago. On the right side, pull the lever to bring the gate up and there will be multiple undead creatures for you to fight in the next room. They will be scattered all over the place. We recommend taking them out one at a time. The fire spell does not work against them.

After clearing your way through the dungeon, make your way over to the right side of the chamber, and look for a ladder. At the top of the ladder will be a mechanical lever you can pick up, which is a key puzzle piece that you’re going to need.

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With the lever, you now have to return to the central chamber, and there will be a gate that you can place the lever into on the right side of the wall. Place it in, and lift the gate up, giving you access to several flame barrels. You can now place those around at the various undead body piles throughout the location, and clear them out.

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There will be two corpse piles you have to clear with the red barrels. One is directly behind you of where you opened the gate, and the other is in the next room, on the second floor. Once both locations have been cleared, return to the guard at the front gate.