How to complete the Made to Order Assassination on Ambrose Island in Hitman 3

Make him a meal to die for, 47.


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There are several Assassinations to work out and complete on Ambrose Island in Hitman 3. Every single one has a complicated build-up that requires you to learn a bit more about the location and better yourself as a player. This guide explains how to complete the Made to Order Assassination and score yourself a tasty kill.

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How to complete the Made to Order Assassination

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The Made to Order Assassination requires you to poison and kill Noel Crest, one of Ambrose Island’s main targets. However, pulling this off takes a lot of setup. First, you need to get the cook’s key. This is inside one of the stilt houses on the beach. See below for a map reference for the cook’s key.

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You’ll need to be careful as you enter the house because you’re trespassing once you’re inside. The key is on a bedside table, but don’t wake the NPC in the house up just yet. Instead, take the key and leave them for now.

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Next, make your way to the restaurant a few houses down from the one you were just in. The cook’s key will unlock the door, but you’ll need to wait for the NPC looking into the kitchen through the window to leave before entering. When they’re gone, head inside, subdue the chef watching TV, hide their body, and take their disguise. See below for a map reference for this restaurant.

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Now that you have the right disguise, it’s time to get some poison. The easiest way to do this is to visit Gregory M. Yeager and give him a flower. Head out of the stilt village via the shallow water and go up the steps to reach him. Before you get there, you can grab the flower from a path to your right. See below for a map reference for the flower.

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Now head up to Gregory and speak to him. He’ll ask you to bring him any flowers or frogs you find, so hand the flower over. He turns that flower into some lethal poison for you, and he won’t even question the fact that you’re dressed as a cook. See below for a map reference for Gregory M. Yeager.

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Return the way you came to the restaurant and find the bowl on the counter. You need to prepare the food and then poison it with your newly acquired lethal poison vial. Finally, it’s time to serve this to your target, but you won’t be the one doing so.

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Once the food is poisoned, make your way back to the house where you stole the cook’s key from. Go inside and turn on the alarm clock before vaulting out through the back window and into the sea. This will cause the NPC inside to wake up, get dressed, and go to work in the restaurant.

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Finally, now that the target gets a positive answer when he asks if his food is ready, he’ll sit down. The NPC you woke up will serve him the poisoned dish, and he’ll die before your eyes. This counts as an accidental death, so your Silent Assassin rating will be retained through this kill.