How to help out Gregory M. Yeager and complete Nature’s Bounty on Ambrose Island in Hitman 3

Give the student a hand, 47. You may get something in return.


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Ambrose Island is a location in Hitman 3 that’s packed with obscure challenges you must complete without any guidance whatsoever. While you might find areas and characters that feel like they’re linked with a challenge, it’s on you to find the methods that unlock them and somehow weave that in with the main mission. This guide explains how to help Gregory M. Yeager and complete the Nature’s Bounty Feat on Ambrose Island in Hitman 3.

How to help out Gregory M. Yeager and complete the Nature’s Bounty Feat

There are a few stages to helping our Gregory M. Yeager, all of which lead to the completion of the Nature’s Bounty Feat. We’ve outlined what you need to do below so you can work toward this goal regardless of how you explore Ambrose Island.

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Where to find Gregory M. Yeager

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Gregory M. Yeager has set up shop on the pirate portion of Ambrose Island. You’ll find him soon after you cross the long rope bridge to this area, or as you leave the main pirate shanty town after approaching from the beach. He’s stationed near a campfire and some tents, standing behind a lot of interesting-looking lab equipment. See below for a map reference for his location.

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Gregory M. Yeager explains that he needs help finding the endemic life of Ambrose Island for his experiments. To help him out and complete the Nature’s Bounty Feat, you must bring him one emetic poisonous plant and one poisonous frog. We’ve explained how to find these in the following sections.

Where to find poisonous frogs on Ambrose Island and how to catch them

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We managed to find three poisonous frogs on Ambrose Island, though there could be more. There are two quite close to Gregory M. Yeager’s location, but one is much easier to get than the other. This frog is located close to the ruined buildings just before you reach the rope bridge to the pirate shanty town when approaching from the military side of the island. See below for a map reference.

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You need to crouch as you approach a poisonous frog. If you don’t, it’ll hop away, and you’ll never catch it. Hold the interaction button as you sneak up to your target frog, and Agent 47 should catch it within a second or so. Bring the poisonous frog to Gregory M. Yeager, and he’ll thank you profusely before crafting an emetic grenade. This grenade is filled with gas that will make any NPCs close to its explosion suddenly feel very ill and need to vomit.

Where to find poisonous flowers on Ambrose Island

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We’ve found two poisonous flowers on Ambrose Island, though there may be a couple more that we’ve missed. For the purpose of helping out Gregory M. Yeager, the closest one you can find is down a path to the right of his location. There’s a set of steps leading down to the water, but you can instead follow the path left into the cliff to uncover an emetic poisonous flower growing in a corner. See below for a map reference for this flower’s location.

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Bring this poisonous flower back to Gregory M. Yeager, and he’ll convert it into a lethal poison vial. This is a great way to pick up some lethal poison without smuggling it in or needing to find it elsewhere on location.

Once you’ve delivered both a poisonous frog and a poisonous flower to Gregory M. Yeager, he’ll thank Agent 47 for his help and present him with a Rusty Key for a prison cell somewhere on the island. The only other way to unlock that door is with the Bone Lockpick. This gives you something new to look into while you explore, but it also marks the end of his quest and completes the Nature’s Bounty Feat.