How to complete The May Queen quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Ostara Festival

A queen’s crown for a true warrior.

The Ostara Festival in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla wouldn’t be proper unless they had a May Queen to help celebrate it. But not everything is perfect with her majesty, Mayda. She’s not enjoying the crown she’s wearing and believes it doesn’t properly exhibit her warrior spirit. Eivor will have to make another to appease her, to ensure the Ostara Festival celebrations continue.

How to start The May Queen

You can start The May Queen quest by speaking to Mayda. You can find her next to the throne, at the Ostara Festival’s center, next to the massive bonfire.

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How to track the beast

Mayda wishes to have a crown more fitting of a warrior and not one made of flowers. To assist her in this request, Eivor has agreed to hunt a large predator killing much of the wildlife in the nearby forest.

The beast’s hunting grounds are over 1,000 meters away from Ravensthorpe. You can find it stomping around Venonis, to the northwest of the settlement, in Ledecestrescire. You can fast travel there using one of the many towers.

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When you arrive within 100 meters of the beast, Eivor will begin tracking the beast. You’ll need to location signs in the forest to where the beast might be stomping around. The first piece of evidence is a dead bear carcass. It’s to the northeast of Venonis. You need to examine it when you find it.

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After examining the bear, turn around, and you must examine a rock. There’s a trail of blood that Eivor can use to lead them straight to the beast.

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Continue going west, and there will be a broken basket that Eivor can examine. They will determine that it belonged to a farmer, but there are no nearby farms.

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Nearby the broken basket will be a trail of bloody footprints, and on a nearby rock will be a person.

Speak to the farmer, and it turns out the mighty beast was a chicken. You will fight the beast, and after defeating it, you will have your May Queen’s new crown. Return to Ravensthorpe to honor Mayda with her new crown, fit for a warrior.