How to complete the Mine Launchers contract in Horizon Forbidden West

Stalk your prey through the forest.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Danur wants you to collect some mine launchers. The problem though is that they are attached to an angry group of Stalkers. Looks like you are going to need to get your hands dirty. Here is how you complete the Mine Launchers contract in Horizon Forbidden West.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Mine Launchers contract is the first contract that you will get from Danur. When you retrieve it, you will need to head north to the Stalker Site. Be careful on your way. There are a lot of dangerous threats in the jungle. When you arrive at the site, make sure to be stealthy and try to avoid detection.

Mine Launchers are hard to shoot off of the Stalkers. Keep in mind that Stalkers are hard to find since they turn invisible a lot. Once you spot one, be sure to take out the gun on its back so you don’t get sniped. With the gun gone, take aim at the discs on the Stalker’s hind legs. These are the Mine Launchers. Break them off before you kill the Stalkers. Be careful of Clamberjaws in the area as well. Once you have collected three Mine Launchers, return to Danur for your reward.