How to complete the Nowhere Left to Run campaign mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Struggling with the first mission?

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Nowhere Left to Run is the first campaign mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This first mission might seem rather simple to more experienced Call of Duty players, but for beginners, it might be a bit confusing. There are two parts to this mission, so let’s briefly walk through the objective for each part, and what you have to do to complete the entire campaign.

How to complete the Nowhere Left to Run campaign

In the first mission of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the objective is to take out two targets: Qasim Javadi and Arash Kavidar. To capture Qasim Javadi, you, Russell Adler, and Frank Woods will attempt to ambush a group of nefarious foes and capture Qasim. Follow Adler and Woods until you get to the hideout, go through the first two floors of the facility, and take out all targets. Then, leave through the window on the second floor and continue to make your way through the outside of the building. After you have taken out all the targets, close in on Javadi by jumping off the ledge towards the nearby building.

Once you have done this, your team will be able to capture Qasim Javadi. After this task has been completed, you will need to talk to Qasim and ask him where Arash Kavidar is located. Javadi will inform you that Kavidar is at an airbase in Turkey.

At the Turkish airbase, use the binoculars to zoom in on the enemy, and then move in until you get to the nearby vehicle. Once this is completed, you will be rushing towards the getaway plane, and eventually, one of our allies will drop a remote control car, filled with explosives, onto the runway.

Here, you will have to control the car with the left (hold this stick to boost) and right (use this stick to steer) sticks to get the car as close as possible to the getaway plane. The object here is not to ride up into the ramp and get into the plane, but rather to move right under the plane (after the ramp comes up completely) and detonate (RT/R2).

Once the car has been detonated, the plane will be destroyed, and the first mission, Nowhere Left to Run, is complete.