How to complete the Over the Top mission for Mendoza in Hitman 3

This wine leaves quite the aftertaste.

In the Argentina Hitman 3 level, you are tasked with taking down two targets, Tamara Vidal and Don Archibald Yates. Don Yates can be difficult to get on his own, with guards continually surrounding him. That is why we want to draw him to an area for the perfect accident to happen. Here is how to complete the Over the Top mission for Mendoza in Hitman 3.

First, you need to get into the party, so you need an invitation. If you talk to Diana at the beginning, she will give you one or find another one located somewhere on the map. When you are in, make your way towards the winery factory on the building’s left side. Two workers will talk about an accident that recently happened with the wine tanks, causing them to overflow.

Once they stop talking, follow the worker on the left as he walks down into the area. He will stop to talk to another worker checking on the pump. After the worker is done talking, he will walk towards the pump before moving near the corner of the room. When he bends down to start cleaning the floor, jump over the big tube and use a coin or other item to distract him into coming on the side you are. When he walks around, subdue him and steal his disguise. He will also drop pump blueprints that you can pick up for intel.

Now you need to have both a screwdriver and a wrench in your inventory. If you have not found either in the map yet, the game points you to the rooms where you can find them. While the game points you to a room filled with toolboxes for the screwdriver, we recommend grabbing the one stuck in a wine barrel in the room with all the workers since you do not need to deal with noticers.

The wrench can be found in the same room, sitting on top of a blue toolbox in front of a worker looking at a clipboard. You can either try to time grabbing the wrench while he looks down or distract his gaze away for a little bit.

Now that you have both tools, go back into the room with the pump and giant tanks. You need to expose the electrical wire on the cord laying right in front of the worker mopping the floor. You need to either distract or get rid of the worker; otherwise, he will call the guards. We just threw a coin behind him, so he turned around.

After the wire is exposed, you need to break the seal on the pump. We recommend doing this quickly after exposing the wire or distracting the worker even more so he does not turn around and see you do this. After breaking the pump, the wine in the tanks will spill all across the floor, and Don Yates will begin to run to the factory.

Don Yates will begin to yell at his workers, demanding to find out who caused the accident. This will go on for a while, and you might think there is no opportunity to take him out, but be patient, and it will provide itself. Back in the room where you got the tools is a fuse cell sitting on a bench. Grab it, and you can insert it into the nearby fusebox.

Wait for Yates to stop yelling at people and look at the pump, and the others will walk away, leaving only Yates in the pool of wine. Turn on the fusebox, and the wires we exposed earlier will electrocute Yates, causing an accident kill.