How to complete the Pear Tree Orchard Secret quest in Lost Ark

The secret location is not hard to find.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The world of Lost Ark is immense and shrouded with several mysteries that players will get to unravel throughout their journey. Apart from the main storyline and side quests, there are some secret quests in the game that require players to find hidden spots. One such quest is the Pear Tree Orchard Secret quest, which, although easy to complete, might leave many players scratching their heads since the secret area for the mission can be tricky to find.

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How to find Pear Tree Orchard’s secret location in Lost Ark

To kickstart the Pear Tree Orchard Secret quest, you must first obtain its scroll, which can only be done by defeating the Twisted Pear Tree boss in the Flowering Orchard area and getting the scroll as a drop. However, the drop isn’t guaranteed, so you might have to defeat the boss multiple times to get the scroll. For anyone wondering, the boss respawns every 10 minutes, which can further extend the time it takes to obtain the drop.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you get the Pear Tree Orchard Secret quest scroll, the subsequent task is straightforward. Go to the location denoted by the mouse cursor on the above image to discover the secret spot. Upon reaching the marked area, you’ll see a wooden barrier obstructing the path. However, you can simply walk through the barrier if you have the scroll and enter the secret location. After you get inside, destroy the wooden barrels that will reveal a chest. Open the chest, and the Pear Tree Orchard Secret quest will finish.