How to complete the Prepare a romantic evening objective in Lust From Beyond

Setting the scene.

Lust From Beyond Romantic Evening

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In Chapter 2 of Lust From Beyond, Victor Holloway, after gathering all of the items for Mrs. Hudson’s order in the shop and closing up, you are then tasked with preparing for your date with Lily. The objective is called ‘Prepare a romantic evening,’ and to do this, you must prepare your flat by gathering several items. However, not everything is accessible as several items are in the storage room.

The objectives ask you to: 

  • Scatter the rose petals
  • Light the candle
  • Prepare the wine
  • Prepare the gift
  • Prepare wine glasses

Completing the tasks for lighting the candle and preparing the wine glasses is fairly simple. Head into the flat’s kitchen, and you will find a lighter in front of the blender on the kitchen top and two wine glasses on a shelf above the open pizza.

Lust From Beyond Lighter
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Lust From Beyond Wine glasses
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Pick them up and head over to the table in the living room. When the button appears to add an inventory item for the table, press E and use the wine glasses for each position on the table to place it down. Do the same for the candle, but use the lighter instead to complete these two objectives.

The rest of the items that you require are inside the locked storage room, though protagonist Victor marks that the key to unlock it is in the Japanese box in the living room. This is on the cabinet bookcase next to the window. To unlock the box, you need to complete the puzzle. A hint to the solution is inside the compartment below.

For this, you need to combine the creatures inside the colored wiring on the puzzle to match that on the hint page. This means that you must match the centaur (human and horse) in the green zone on the top left circle, the mermaid (woman and fish) in the blue zone in the top right circle, and finally, the dragon in the red zone in the bottom circle.

Lust From Beyond Box Puzzle
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Once completed, the box will then open and provide you with the key to the storage room. Head to it and unlock it to find a box of rose petals, a bottle of wine, and an acoustic guitar. Take them all and head back into the living room table.

Place the wine in the ice bucket, the guitar on the stand, which will be Lily’s gift, and then follow the markings on the floor from the living room to the corridor, with three sections where you must place rose petals from your inventory.

Once the final set of rose petals is done, the objective should finish, and a cutscene with your date should now begin.