How to complete The Professor: Missing Assistant in Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition – Mordin’s Assistant

Save even the little people.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

When you find Mordin in his clinic, he’ll be busily attempting to find a cure for the current plague running through the sector on Omega. In Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition, if you want to recruit him to your team, you’ll have to assist him in dispersing the cure throughout the sector using the vents. However, before departing, he’ll tell you that he lost his assistant who foolishly ventured off into this sector, and you have the option to find him. If you’re looking to maximize your Paragon or Renegade points, they’re a valuable individual to locate.

Where to find Mordin’s Assistant

You don’t have to travel too far past the clinic to locate Mordin’s Assistant. The trick is to make sure you don’t miss them. Once you leave the clinic, follow the path and there will be a courtyard full of Vorcha, and a few Krogan Warriors. Eliminate them, and make your way up the stairs. On the second set of stairs, there will be a doorway to your left. All you have to do is open it, and you’ll find Mordin’s Assistant being attacked by several Batarians.

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You can choose to handle them calmly or be more aggressive about it. You’ll gain Paragon or Renegade points based on your decision. If you want more Renegade points, after the Batarians release Mordin’s Assistant, you can choose to eliminate them to ensure they’re no longer a threat. Your actions will mortify the assistant, but you’ll gain Renegade points because of it. After that confrontation, the assistant will make their way back to Mordin’s clinic.

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When you return to the clinic after injecting the cure, Mordin will approve of you saving his assistant and if you killed the Batarians. He’ll say he would have killed them to be sure, which the assistant disapproves of. You’ll miss this interaction if you don’t save the assistant, but you can bring Mordin in as your next squadmate regardless of whether you do or not.