How to complete the Refuting the Accusation cross-examination in The Adventure of the Runaway Room – The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

Are the witnesses actually murderers!?

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The twist and turns of a Great Ace Attorney Chronicles trial are enough to make you feel like you just got a roller coaster at the end. After providing the possibility that the victim of the case in The Adventure of the Runaway Room could have been dropped into the omnibus rather than been stabbed while sitting in its cabin, Ryunosuke will need once again to cross-examine the two witnesses, Fairplay and Furst. Here is how to successfully get past Refuting the Accusation.

To start, Press Furst when he says, “The skylight was shut the entire time, I tell you! We couldn’t possibly have opened it!”

As the conversation begins to continue, be sure to look out for a Pursue opportunity. It will come when Furst says, “The skylight can’t be opened! I tried and tried when I was in that cabin of shame!” Scroll over to Lestrade and Pursue her for her to reveal that you can open the skylight from the roof where Fairplay and Furst were sitting during the murder.

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After that segment ends, you will be on Fairplay’s statement of “If you’re so sure the victim fell through the skylight, where’s your proof?” Before you do anything, press Present and go to the Omnibus, but examine it before presenting it. Tilt it so you can examine the skylight from the top, and you will open it. Now enter the bus via its door and look up. There is a splatter of blood that is now visible on the opened hinge. Examine it, and the Omnibus description will be updated. Now Present it to the statement above.

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Once you Present the Omnibus, you will be told to point out the blood for yourself. Just rotate your camera up and turn until you can see the blood. Now ride out the insanity that ensues after this discovery and get ready for more twists to come.