How to complete the schoolbus Secret in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Wake up, it’s late.


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Hot Wheels Unleashed has nine Secret nodes that you need to unlock for 100% completion. Each of them has a clue, but some of those clues are more obscure than others. In this guide, we’ll explain how to unlock the Secret with a clue that reads, “Wake up, it’s late! Today is your first day, you’ll miss the schoolbus!”

How to complete the schoolbus Secret

Screenshot by Gamepur

This Secret is probably the most difficult to solve in the entire game. There are two requirements: A car and a race, but the clue doesn’t mention which. It seems quite obvious that you need a schoolbus car, but you’re never sure how to unlock it. Thankfully, like almost every car in the game, you can buy this schoolbus from the shop if it’s listed there or pick it up from Blind Boxes. The name of the car that you’re looking for is Hot Wheels High.

Once you’ve acquired this car, you need to use it in the very first race in the campaign. This race is called The Journey Begins. Follow your route back to the bottom of the map, and you should find this race pretty quickly. The race isn’t tricky, but it’s much harder to keep ahead of the pack using Hot Wheels High. Once you complete the race, the Secret node will unlock.

Screenshot by Gamepur