How to complete the Shockingly Well-done request in Pokémon Snap

They’re shockingly tasty.

New Pokemon Snap arrives on Nintendo Switch this April

Image via Nintendo

In Pokémon Snap, there are dozens of Pokémon wandering around Lental island that you can snap a photo of to add to your collection. These Pokémon will perform certain actions when you use a certain item at specific times and on certain spots in the game. Professor Mirror will have a few requests for you to complete to see many of these Pokémon interactions. One of them is called Shockingly Well-Done. You can complete it by embarking on a tour of the Florio Nature Park during the day.

On the Florio Nature Park, closer to the start of the tour, you can use your scanner to find a small pile of burnt apples on the ground next to a tree. It will be on the right side of the NEO-ONE. The Professor will comment about the scorched fruits, pointing out that a Pokémon likely caused them. To take a photo of this in action, you need to have been given access to the fluffruit item and toss it at the pile.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you toss a fluffruit at the pile, an Emolga will fly down next to it. It brings the apple in front of it and shocks it, charring the fruit and adding it to the pile. You want to a photograph of this interaction and then complete the rest of the tour. Once you return to the research center, click the ‘Y’ button, and access all of the requests the other characters have given you. Find the ‘Shockingly Well-done’ request, and receive your reward.

Screenshot by Gamepur