How to complete the Stolen Ticket side quest in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Committing a low-stakes crime.

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The Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Fatesworn DLC takes place in a new region of the Faelands known as Mithros. In addition to the main story, there are several side quests to complete in Mithros. Stolen Ticket is one you can acquire early on, though it is a bit tricky for those that aren’t used to being sneaky. Our guide below will help you complete it.

This side quest is introduced soon after beginning the Fatesworn questline. After a few remedial tasks, you’ll speak to a border patrol person that provides access to Mithros. After this first conversation, you can speak with the character again to initiate a side quest in which you must recover a stolen border permit. Upon reaching Mithros, you’ll be given multiple avenues to pursue across several NPCs. Speak to the NPC nearby the blacksmithing forge in The Westroad.

The quest marker now keeps tabs on the thief in question, Dolan Hardy. Dolan denies any involvement when confronted. There are no persuasion checks either, meaning you can only complete Stolen Ticket by pickpocketing. To pickpocket, you’ll need to crouch by pressing R1 on PlayStation or the right bumper on Xbox. In this stealth stance, NPC vision awareness is denoted by an eye that slowly fills from orange to red as a person becomes more aware of your presence.

Because pickpocketing is a crime, you want to approach Dolan outside of any other character’s view. Use the button prompt that appears onscreen when in stealth stance behind Dolan. Doing so brings up an inventory screen, showing everything in his possession. The percentage next to the eye icon indicates your likelihood of getting caught. 100% means you are definitely getting caught. Non-finesse builds don’t need to worry if they see this, though. As long as no other NPC saw you steal from Dolan, you won’t be confronted by any guards. Alternatively, finesse builds can use the smoke bomb ability to steal while invisible.

The only downside to non-finesse builds comes from the fact that Dolan doubles as a merchant. Stealing from him will frighten him to the point that you can’t purchase from him anymore. Because of this, we recommend buying any weapons or armor you feel like you may want before attempting to pickpocket Dolan. With your prize in hand, you should be able to finish the quest.

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