How to complete the Trial of Wisdom in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

You’ll feel smarter in more ways than one after this guide.

Image via Blizzard

Completing the Trial of Wisdom in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands gets you the Proof of Wisdom needed to open one of the rare treasure chests in Bastion. It’s a tricky sequence of knowing when to click and when not to click, but we have you covered.

The treasure chest containing the Gift of Thenios is located at 40.2, 18.2, pointed out in the map above. When you reach the coordinates, the game will tell you have reached The Eonian Archives. Directly behind the treasure chest is a portal, flanked by a scroll. The scroll reads:

The patience needed to learn.

The knowledge needed to gain perspective.

The insight needed to choose.

The judgment needed to understand deeper truth.

This is the path of wisdom.

The cryptic passage is a hint for how you will move through the next sequence, but we’ll skip the interpretation and just tell you where to move. Hop into the portal, and you will teleport to the first of a series of platforms. Directly in front of you, you will see another portal ahead of the Incense of Knowledge. Skip the incense and use the portal.

The next platform contains the Incense of Patience. Use this, and continue forward, into the portal and on to the third platform. Ignore the Incense of Insight and use the next portal that you see in front of you. Repeat these two steps as you pass by the Incense of Judgment and go into the portal, returning to the platform with the Incense of Knowledge. This time, use the incense, and continue into the portal ahead.

Run by the Incense of Patience without using it and step into the portal. This one takes you to a platform with the Incense of Insight, which you need to use. Hop into the portal, and when you arrive at the next platform, you’ll notice a glowing blue orb to your right. This is another portal, so use it to rocket yourself to a cliff with the Incense of Judgment. Use it, blessing yourself with the full Proof of Wisdom, and return through the same portal you stepped out of when arriving on this cliff.

You will return to the chest, and with the Proof of Wisdom, you are now free to open the Gift of Thenios.