How to complete the Unova Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go

Collection events have arrived.

Image via Niantic

Slightly ahead of the Unova Celebration happening in Pokémon Go on January 5, the collection event for this limited-time run has already gone live for a handful of trainers. The Unova Collection event is the first mini collection coming to the mobile game where you have a brief to capture specific Pokémon. Doing so not only earns you certain rewards, but there’s also a medal that comes with it, and it shows the particular date and time of when you completed, given you the chance to show off do others and see who finished it the fastest.

The mini-collection event briefly went live for players ahead of schedule, before the Unova event. So if you did not load the event while it was available, you wouldn’t be able to see it on your game, but you can expect it for the Unova Event happening on January 5.

How to complete the Unova Collection Challenge – All Pokémon and rewards

These are the Pokémon you will need to capture to make sure you finish the mini collection and earn your badge.

  • Capture a Snivy
  • Capture a Oshawott
  • Capture a Tepig
  • Capture a Lillipup
  • Capture a Herdier
  • Capture a Roggenrola
  • Capture a Solosis
  • Capture a Ferroseed
  • Capture a Blitzle

Rewards: 3,000 Stardust, 30 Poké Balls, and 5 rare candies

Many of these Pokémon will be easier to capture as their spawns will be increased for the event. Some of these may have better spawn rates than others, but with them all having increased rates, it shouldn’t take you too long to round them all up. To complete the event, you need to capture the Pokémon during the event for it to count. If it was caught before or after, the event does not matter.

You have until January 10 at 8 PM in your local time zone. Completing it in the appropriate time adds to your Elite Collection Medal, which will likely list out all of your completed Collection Challenges.