How to complete the Visions of Jahai collection in Guild Wars 2

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Jahai Bluffs in Guild Wars 2 is one of the locations players looking to craft the Legendary Trinket Vision must visit. This map not only has some interesting Meta events and locations, but it is one of the key maps for the Living World Season 4 story. The Jahai Bluffs are scarred by large swathes of Brand and filled with both dangers and beauty. In this guide, we’ll explain how to complete the Visions of Jahai, one of the steps needed to complete the Legendary Trinket Vision.

What you’ll need to do to complete the Visions of Jahai collection

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You will need a Trance Stone in your inventory. You will also need to have previously completed Riding Skyscales and have a Skyscale in your Mount list to complete this achievement. Having all the Mounts unlocked is the best bet for completing these achievements quickly, though the Skyscale remains the most vital.

Updated Record of Joko’s DeedsCan be purchased from the Trader Hyacinth, located near Yatendi Village Waypoint. This is only obtainable once you’ve completed the “A Star to Guide Us” Mastery.
Vision of Dragons: AureneThis is located high up above the Venta Pass Waypoint. You’ll need a Skyscale to reach it.
Vision of Allies: BrahamInteract with the Undelivered Letter which is located to the eastern side of Mirza’s Rest. You’ll find the Letter at the foot of the tree in the water.
Vision of Enemies: Death-Branded ShattererYou have to fight the Death-Branded Shatterer located on the Jahai Bluffs map. You need to have the Memory Essence Encapsulator already in your inventory when you defeat it or it won’t count.
Vision of Landscapes: Jahai BluffsYou must have a Skyscale for this. You need to access the Rift that is located above the Displaced Vizier’s Tower in Jahai Bluffs. 
Vision of Equipment: Elegy ArmorYou must first complete The Convergence of Sorrow I: Elegy. Once this achievement has been completed, speak to Amira.
Vision of Action: Jahai BluffsYou must complete the level 80 event, “Stop Joko from recruiting the Awakened”. This event is located to the northwest of the Yatendi Village Waypoint on the Jahai Bluffs map.