How to complete Their Scent Remains in No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence

Get ready for a fight.


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Their Scent Remains is the third Milestone in Phase three of No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence. To complete it, you need to steal sixteen Whispering Eggs during your travels throughout the galaxy. This is a complex goal that requires you to progress tactfully. We’ve outlined a simple way to complete the Milestone without it taking up too much of your time in this guide.

Step 1: Identify Whispering Eggs

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The first thing you need to do is find Whispering Eggs. This Expedition sees you moving across the galaxy through five Rendezvous Points. Each planet that you’ll land on has Whispering Eggs. You just need to find them. When you’re looking for a Rendezvous Point, keep an eye out for any structures nearby. Usually, these buildings will be abandoned and surrounded by fleshy growths. You can find what you’re looking for around these growths. Whispering Eggs are purple. When you hit them with your mining beam, they’ll drop a Larval Core that you need to pick up to progress this Milestone.

Step 2: Farming Whispering Eggs

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Now that you’ve found some Whispering Eggs, you need to farm them carefully. To do this, shoot one Egg until it drops its Larval Core. Then, pick the Larval Core up, and fly to the top of the building or a high point, because a swarm of Abominations will emerge to try to kill you as soon as you do this. You need to kill the Abominations using either your mining beam or another weapon from your high point. After a short while, the swarm will subside. Now you can repeat the process.

Ensure that you pick up the Larval Core when you harvest the Whispering Egg. You won’t progress the Milestone if you don’t. You can do this sixteen times in a single location or gather a few Eggs across multiple worlds over the course of the Expedition. We found that the ground under the Eggs disappeared after a while of farming because the Abominations kept emerging from underneath them, making it hard to harvest. You will also encounter an issue if there are too many Sandworms flying around the planet because this causes the game to lag so hard that there’s no chance you’ll get the Larval Core out of the Whispering Egg.

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Once you’ve completed the Milestone, you can claim the Shell Greaser Plans, an Emergency Broadcast Reciever, 3000 Projectile Ammunition, and three Banned Scatterblast Upgrades from the Expedition menu.