How to complete To Cure a Curse in Shin Megami Tensei V

Helping out a friend.

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The demon Andras will request your assistance to help them create a cure for potent Curse that has been plaguing their friend in Shin Megami Tensei V. The cure requires you to obtain five Bicorn horns. You can find them in several locations, but we’re going to detail some of the best locations you can find them in the Netherworld to complete To Cure a Curse.

You’ll receive this quest in the Netherworld, in the Onarimon region. You’ll find Andras next to the Onarimon Leyline.

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After speaking with them, there are several locations you can find Bicorn in the Netherworld. Closest to where you in the Onarimon region, you’ll be able to find Bicorns that spawn at the Abscess directly west of your location. However, that’s only if you have not cleared this Abscess. If you have, there’s another location in xx that you can find Bicorn.

The Bicorn are level 14, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble with them. They’re also weak to Electric and Light attacks.

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All you have to do is defeat five of them. After defeating five of them in combat, you’ll need to return to Andras and submit the horns to help lift the curse. You’ll receive a Fallen Talisman for your reward. Andras will request five more Bicorn horns in the future.