How to complete Training Regimen in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

You’ve got the eye of the Moonfang.

Image via Blizzard

Bastion is a zone full of bright and beautiful expressive colors in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Naturally, there are some precious gems to be found in this home of the Kyrian, and Training Regimen will task you with finding some of these gems, among other things. We’ll help you navigate the bugs that can pop up during this quest and earn your XP and anima.

Before you approach the world quest zone, make sure that you do not currently have Phalynx Malfunction, Combat Drills, or Laser Location as active quests. Follow the small circle on your minimap and check out the shiny, metallic phalynx. This is Gatamatos, who will accompany you during the world quest after you interact with it. Directly behind Gatamatos’s post is a rocky cliff, and dropping off it will place you next to a cave.

This cave is full of your two current objectives: Agitated Etherwyrms to kill, and Training Gems to loot. When you approach the location of a Training Gem, the action icon will light up. Click it to send Gatamatos digging, and it will come back with one or two gems. Keep at this process until you’ve bagged enough gems and killed enough worms, and head back to Gatamatos’s original location.

You have one last task ahead of you. Talk to Pelodis, who will insist you begin formation training. You’ll need to watch the solid phlanyxs and see where there is a gap that will fill in the description of Pelodis’s request. While facing Pelodis, click on the yellow holographic phalynx that makes a line, then one that makes a box, and finally, the phalynx that creates a cross. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, as you can click the wrong one and keep trying until you get it right. Finally, put Gatamatos back on the pedestal, and your training will be complete.