How to complete UNC: Espionage Probe in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Some things are better kept in the past.

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The UNC: Espionage Prove is a quest in Mass Effect Legendary Edition that can be a good way to give a small amount of XP for your party and prepare for you at the end of the game. You found a computer on Feros that detailed the logs of a freighter that shared delivery routes to a system in the Voyager cluster, but given the destination, nothing should be out there.

How to get UNC: Espionage Probe

You can acquire this quest by reading the logs of a ship while on Feros, and your journal entry will first be called Investigate Shipments. When you arrive at the Voyage Cluster, you want to go to the Amazon sector. Once you reach this area, you’ll receive a communication from the Fifth Fleet. Admiral Hackett will reach out to you to explain the situation and detail what you need to do to disable the nuclear probe. You can start the mission by landing on the Agebinium planet.

When you arrive on the planet in the Mako, the nuclear probe will be at the Alliance Homing Beacon location to the northwest of your starting position.

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When you arrive at the location, it’s at the entrance of a mine. Your squadmates will comment about the likelihood of someone having moved it and triggering the signal.

You’ll have to go through the entire mine and reach the other end before locating a destroyed probe. Once you do, a detonation goes off, and a hologram appears, revealing to be Elanos Haliat, a rogue leader in the Terminus System. He reveals he was the one who was leading the Skyllian Blitz, one of Shepard’s famous battles that they were victorious. Haliat leaves you to die and sets the nuclear device off to kill you and your squadmates.

Despite being trapped, you still have to deal with the bomb. Approach the bomb and complete the manual override. It’ll be similar to completing a typical decryption. However, you’ll have to do this for multiple hardpoints on the bomb to deactivate it. You only have 10 seconds to switch between all of the decryption points and deactivate the bombs. The 10-second timer stops while you are decrypting and only counts down when you switching points.

After disabling the bomb, return the way you came, and the traditional exit will be covered by crates. Go to the left, and proceed out of the new exit. When you arrive outside, you’ll be overlooking a small camp where Haliat and his thugs have moved your Mako. Eliminate them, and complete the mission.

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After defeating the camp and Haliat, you can return to the Normandy to report to Admiral Hackett about what happened, and inform him that the nuclear device has been secured.