How to complete UNC: Hostage in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The negotiations were short.

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Not everything is perfect in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition galaxy. In the Hades Gamma cluster, a group of biotics have taken hostages and captured the chairman of the Parliament Subcommittee on Transhuman Studies. You’ll have to make your way into the facility and convince the leader to let them go peacefully, or you can complete this mission meeting alternative objectives.

Where to find UNC: Hostage

You can acquire the UNC: Hostage mission by listening to a news report on the Citadel while traveling through the elevator. Alternatively, you’ll receive a journal entry for this quest when entering the Farinata System.

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The location you need to go to in the Farinata System will be a transportation ship called the MSV Ontario.

Saving the hostages

When you arrive on the MSV Ontario, you’ll see a handful of red dots in the next section of the ship. When you arrive at this area, the Biotic Terrorists will become hostile to you, and a timer will appear at the top. You have three minutes to finish off these terrorists and make it to the end of the ships where the hostages are. These enemies have biotic abilities and can easily toss you to the ground, making it difficult to fire or move. You’ll want to avoid these attacks and remain behind cover.

Alternatively, you can avoid all of the enemies and rush to the back of the ship and speak with the leader, avoiding the enemies entirely.

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When you arrive at the location where the hostages are held, the leader of the Biotic Terrorists will have a gun to Chairman Burns, the one who arrived to try and help the biotics. When you have the chance to choose the best outcome, you’ll have the chance to pick a Paragon and Renegade choice, granted you have enough points, Charm, or Intimidate, based on what type of Shepard you’re playing. You want to make sure to pick one of these options, as the other choices on the right side of the dial lead to a firefight.

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Upon completing this portion of the mission, you’ll be able to talk down the Biotic Leader and come to a peaceful conclusion. You’ll earn Paragon or Renegade points based on the dialogue option you picked.