How to complete Unknown Signal Easter Egg in Call of Duty Cold War Zombies Outbreak

Who doesn’t love a good mystery?

Official Call of Duty website accidentally leaks Outbreak Zombies mode ahead of reveal

Image via Activision

The latest Call of Duty update contained a secret for Outbreak, the game’s zombie mode. When players load into Outbreak they may discover an unknown signal. This new easter egg is quite random, and as yet, there does not appear to be a way to trigger it.

When players are close to the signal, they should be able to see a satellite icon on the minimap, but this will not appear on the larger map. As such, make sure you are fully exploring the map to find the unknown signal.

Unknown Signal Easter Egg

At this location, players will find a radio that is producing a strange noise, and they will then need to track down nearby Signal Amplifiers and interact with them to improve the signal quality. Much like the signal location itself, these amplifiers are also randomly placed on the map, so more exploration will be required.

Radio Amplifier locations

As players get close to the amplifiers a small icon will appear and the minimap and they will be able to hear strange static noises, but the amplifiers themselves will be randomly placed. Make sure you check buildings and outhouses, as they are prone to spawning inside.

The amplifiers look like small, thin machines with a green light emanating from the top of them, which makes them a little easier to spot from a distance.

Set all the amplifiers to produce the same noise as the original signal and the easter egg will be complete. Players will receive points, essence, and intel for finishing it, along with a new menu song called Abracadavre.