How to complete Unusual Readings in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Do you hear the signal?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Unusual Readings’ side quest can be discovered on the Citadel during your Mass Effect Legendary Edition playthrough while roaming around the station. You can find the terminal with the report about strange activity in the Hydra System. When you unlock your ship, the Normandy, you can choose to investigate this report and figure out what’s happening.

Where to find Unusual Readings

You can find the report that starts this quest in Captain Anderson’s office on the Citadel. It be will be on a computer terminal that you can interact with. Once you finish reading the report, it will be added to your journal.

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Where to find the Hydro System

The Hydro System will be where the report came from, and you can find it in the Argos Rho sector. It should be the area directly north of Noveria. Click on the sector, and the Hydro system will be the center option.

When you arrive at the system, you want to select the Metgos planet and survey it. Upon surveying the planet, you’ll receive a distress signal, and you’ll have the option to land on the planet to investigate further.

Find the Transponder Signal

When you arrive on the planet, you can choose three initial locations to investigate on the planet. Of the three, you want to look into the Transponder signal, which will be the middle portion option on your map, to the south of where you land in the Mako.

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When you arrive at the location, there will be a pod in the middle of the ground. Any of the crewmates you brought with you will comment about how they have a bad feeling about it and recommend you proceed with caution. It turns out they were correct as it was a trap created by the Geth.

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Multiple Geth forces will reveal themselves surrounding the damaged pod, and you’ll have to fight them off. You can choose to use the Mako to battle against them, or you can exit the vehicle to fight them on the ground. If you fight them on foot, you do gain more XP for eliminating them. Once they’re all cleared, return to the Mako, and then return to the Normandy. The mission will be completed after you’ve discovered that it was a trap.