How to complete What Wenjies Want in Deathloop

Get Wenjie to where you need her.


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After you’ve completed Space Invader and identified how to take out two other Visionaries in the afternoon, you’ll be stuck with the Wenjie problem. So far, there’s been no way to kill Wenjie because she’s adamant about sticking to her laboratory and obeying the rules. However, there is a way that you can change that. This guide covers how to get Wenjie to where you need her by completing What Wenjies Want.

Step 1: Wenjie’s lab

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Once you complete Space Invader, you’ll pick up the quest What Wenjies Want. You’ll also have the code to get into her lab, so now you need to wait until the afternoon to go and see what’s inside. The code will be dependent on what you found during the Space Invader quest.

When you enter the lab, go down to the bottom of the facility so that you can use your code and finally enter Wenjie’s lab. There’s a lot to look at in here, but the thing you need is the messages on Wenjie’s computer. Read through all of the messages, and you’ll discover that Wenjie doesn’t want to attend the party, having refused an invitation already. However, she’s obsessed with getting into the door that holds the RAK. This is the key to changing her behavior.

Another message from Charlie explains that 2-BIT can create audio clips of people saying things that they didn’t. This gives you your next location to head to.

Step 2: Visit 2-BIT

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You can visit 2-BIT in the afternoon when Charlie is also hanging around. You don’t need to kill Charlie, but it might make life easier for the rest of the mission. Make your way inside Charlie’s game and go find 2-BIT. It’s at the top of the building housing the game behind some metal gating that you can hack to unlock. When you talk to 2-BIT, you’ll discover that you need a recording of Aleksis if you want 2-BIT to alter his voice and create a new message.

Luckily, there’s a recording of Alekis in the library that you can access immediately. You’ll need to have made your way into Aleksis’ mansion in the evening and accessed his computer to discover this. It’s in the safe that Julianna is dropping off in the library, and you’ll get the code from that same message.

Step 3: Get the recording

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The library is a short run away from 2-BIT, so head over there and go in through the main doors. The safe should be in the middle of the atrium. Our code for this safe is 2101, but yours may be different. Inside is a model of Aleksis with a recording on it. You need to take this recording to 2-BIT, but it’s quite loud. Every Eternalist nearby will hear you while this recording is playing, so be prepared for a fight as you head back to 2-BIT.

Step 4: Get 2-BIT to work its magic

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Give the statue to 2-BIT and then ask it to make Aleksis give Wenjie what she wants. This will create a recording that will play every morning in all subsequent loops telling Wenjie to come to the party if she wants to get into the RAK area.

Once you complete the mission, Wenjie will always be in Updaam in the evening. If you tamper with the fireworks and Egor’s experiments earlier in the day, you can kill four Visionaries in Updaam in the evening now.