How to Connect Poké Ball Plus to Sword and Shield


Good news for Poké Ball Plus owners because you can connect your Poké Ball Plus to Sword and Shield. This little ball allows you to take one of your Pokémon for a stroll, earning some items for them.

Mystery Gift Menu

To connect your Poké Ball Plus to Sword and Shield, follow the below steps:

  • Hold “X” to open the main menu
  • Navigate to the Mystery Gift Option
  • Scroll down to “Take a stroll with Poké Ball Plus.”
  • Click on that option, then press the top button, or the control stick, on your Poké Ball Plus

Your Poké Ball Plus will automatically connect to the Switch, and you then need to select which Pokémon you wish to take for a stroll. Remember, the more you walk and play with the Pokémon, the better the rewards.

Keep in mind, if another player has information on a Poké Ball Plus from a stroll they have taken with a Pokémon, then your stroll will overwrite that data. If your Poké Ball Plus is new, then you will automatically get a Mew from the Poké Ball Plus.

The Poké Ball Plus does have minimal functionality in Sword and Shield. You can only get Mew from an unclaimed Poké Ball Plus, and you can only use it to take your Pokémon for strolls to get items, since they do not get EXP from strolls.

In previous titles, you could use the Poké Ball Plus to throw Poké Balls in the game, but that is no longer an option. You also cannot use the Poké Ball Plus to transfer Pokémon between games.