How to connect to Dark Thoughts in Psychonauts 2

Even the darkest path can be rewarding.

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the new moves for Rasputin introduced in Psychonauts 2 is Mental Connection. It allows you to quickly transport yourself to new areas to get collectibles or close the distance between you and enemies. All this being said, as you arrive in different minds, you will notice strands of dark thoughts that Raz cannot connect to. Here is how to use Mental Connection on Dark Thoughts in Psychonauts 2.

To connect to Dark Thoughts in Psychonauts 2, you will need to fully upgrade your Mental Connection move in your badge upgrade page of the journal. To be eligible for the upgrade, you first need to reach rank level 30. After that, save up the five upgrade points needed for the final upgrade in this tier, and you will have it.

We recommend getting this upgrade done as soon as possible so you can follow these Dark Thought paths and get collectibles on your first run through the most levels as possible. While you might be stuck doing this anyway, but if you can grab the fitments on the other side the first time, you might as well do it.

Unfortunately, this upgrade does not add any better utility to the offensive capabilities of Mental Connection, but with it you can reach even more areas you were previously locked out of before.