How to connect your phone to PS5

Use your PlayStation 5 from your phone.

Image via Sony.

For those looking to sync your smartphone device to your PlayStation 5, we have the answer for you. The process should not take too long, but there are a few steps you want to keep in mind to make sure everything happens smoothly. You want to do everything from the PlayStation application on your smartphone.

PlayStation smartphone application

You can download the free PlayStation application from the iOS Application Store or from Google Play. It shouldn’t take too long to download, depending on your device’s present connection.

Once you have the application installed, the first thing you need to do is sign in to your PlayStation Network account. You’ll input your username (e-mail) and your password, and you should be able to connect to the application.

If you already have a PlayStation 4 attuned to your account and the application, go to the settings cog on the main play tab, the one of the PlayStation controller, in the application, and scroll down to “console management.” There’s an option for you to “link console to the app,” and you should see your PlayStation 5 on there if you’ve logged in using your PlayStation Network account. If you haven’t, do this first, and then return to the PlayStation application to sync.

For those who have never attuned their PlayStation using this application and have already signed in to their PlayStation 5 using their PlayStation Network, the link should already be established.

How to enable remote play

You can now freely use the PlayStation application to access your PlayStation 5. If you’re looking to play games from your PS5 to your smartphone through the remote play service, you need to enable this feature in your “settings,” and proceed through the “system” options to “power saving,” and then go to the “features available in rest mode,’ to make sure your PlayStation 5 remains connected to the internet while in this mode.

Then, you need to return to the “system” settings, go to “remote play,” and ensure the enable remote play option is checked off. Underneath that option will be a link device option that you can use to make sure the device you want to use, such as your smartphone, is properly synced.