How to contact other factions in Sheltered 2

Choose your words wisely.


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There are six factions that you can contact in Sheltered 2. Depending on your actions, these factions can be allies, enemies, trade partners, or a mix of all three. You have to tread carefully at the start because you’re a brand new faction to the area, carving out your own slice of the wasteland, and not everyone likes that. In this guide, we cover how to contact the other factions in the game so you can start a dialogue before encroaching on their territory.

How to contact other factions

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You need to meet a faction in the world out on an expedition before you can contact them. Your first encounter will likely be peaceful since no one is looking to start a war. At least not straight away. The faction will send a representative to meet you if you cross into its territory on the world map, alerting you that you need to leave or fight. You can try to start a conversation with them, but most factions want to be contacted via radio before they’ll have anything to do with you.

Back in your shelter, you can contact a faction by selecting the option to do so on the radio. This brings up a list of the available factions, and you can pick which one you’d like to speak with. Upon doing so, you’ll be given a few options. Most factions will need you to raise your reputation with them before they become allies with you. However, you can pick up jobs and offer services that will help you do just that by contacting them.