How to cook and use campfires in Stoneshard

Cooking can save you money on purchasing food from the vendors

Food and water are an essential fact in Stoneshard. You don’t have too many chances to save in the game, and you need to manage your inventory space and healing your character. When your character becomes hungry, you need to make sure they eat some decent food. You can buy it from vendors, but if you kill any animals during your travels, you have the chance to cook them when standing next to a campfire.

If you want to cook any raw food, you first need to take one of the wild animals you encounter, or find some searching the barrels of a dungeon. When searching in your inventory, you know you have raw food you can cook if you hover over it, and it shows adverse effects for eating it, rather than positive ones.

After you determine what food you can cook, you need to locate a campfire. You can generally find one in Osbrook inside of the home to the left of the herbalist who sells medical supplies, located at the south side of the small town. You can go inside the house, start a fire, and then freely cook your meals. When you’re out in the world, you may need to find a campfire created by bandits. If you find one that does not have a flame, right-click to start a fire. You do not need any supplies to do this. To cook, merely right-click the campfire or oven and click the cooking icon. The item you can cook should now appear as cooked, and you can freely eat it to sate your character’s hunger.

At the time of this writing, only deer and moose drop venison in the game. None of the other animals drop any meat, so if you want to go hunting for food, you need to go after these animals. You can go after foxes and wolves, but they do not drop meat, but more meat types are coming in a future update to the game. Stoneshard is in early access.