How to manage healing in Stoneshard

Taking care of your character health can feel a little hectic and overwhelming

Managing your health in Stoneshard takes a lot out of you and you can only save during particular points in the game. Not only do you need to make sure each body part is healing, but you need to see how badly broken or damaged it is after a fight, or even during it. You have a handful of methods to stabilize it, though, and the screen detailing all of this information can feel a little overwhelming when you first start playing.

Reading your health sheet

To access the health sheet for your character you need to press the c button on your keyboard and then go to the second tab on your character sheet. You should see a detailed readout and health bars for your head, torso, right arm, left arm, left leg, and right leg. Whenever your character takes damage in combat, one of these body parts takes a hit and you receive a negative effect if something terrible happens to them. You should see a small notification at the top of your screen if you break an arm, start bleeding, or something terrible happens that impairs your character.

You can visit this sheet to view what the injury is doing to your character. To do so, hover your mouse over the icon to read about it. Some effects go away after a little bit of time, and others require an item. For example, if your character is bleeding from a wound, the bleeding effect will go away in time, but if you have bandages, you can get treat it immediately. You need the right tool to handle the correct amount of damage.

The same goes for dealing with your character’s pain levels. The higher pain levels, the more negative effects they have. You can lower your pain levels in several ways, such as healing all of the wounds or dealing with the issues, but you can also use short term cures, such as alcohol, to deal with the pain. The alcohol comes with several adverse effects, though.

Treating wounds and healing your character

When your character is hurt, you need to use an item to take care of their wound. You have two options: going directly to your inventory to use that item, or going to the health sheet. If you don’t know what item you need for the wound, it’s better to go to the health sheet. Hover over the health bar of the damaged appendage and right-click it. You should have a small list of available things to you can do it, and if one of the items is white, you should have the item in your inventory. You will immediately use it, and it should help the wound. However, it does take a turn to do this, so remember that if you’re healing your character in combat.

Your character does heal over time. If they have no injury and they are moving around, their main health bar slowly returns to normal. You can achieve this by having them walk back and forth in a small area to have time pass by without potentially running into any enemies.

You want to make sure you go into any dungeon with a variety of bandages, splints, healing salves, food, and water to assist your character. The more you have of any of these in your inventory, the more enemies you can take on and the deeper into a dungeon you can go.