How to manage your inventory space in Stoneshard

Inventory management is always a factor in Stoneshard

Inventory space can be a difficult thing to manage, and figuring out what you need to bring with you is a challenge in Stoneshard. Much like it is to heal, and how to read the game’s map. You need to consider what items your character is going to need for combat, to heal themselves, to use to handle traps, and how much space you want them to have to carry loot out. The basics of inventory management start with finding ways to manage all of the critical pieces of space.

Your inventory space consists of fifty slots. It’s five tall slots by 10 long. The objects in Stoneshard take up these slots, and some are larger than others. Some medical items may only take up a single slot, whereas swords can take up two by three, or shields two by two. All of them vary, and if you have too many items in your inventory, you may not be able to pick something up. When you do with a full inventory, you can see it fly up into the air and land back on the ground.

The quickest way to order your inventory is to click the autosort button inside of your inventory. It’s the second icon on the middle left side of your inventory screen. You can also do it by having your inventory screen open and hitting the t button. The items should automatically move to the best spots for them to fit, but you can make small adjustments.

While in a dungeon, you want to spend time picking and choosing the essential items you have and having them in heavy supply. You may encounter loot you want to take out with you, but you need the weigh the balance of how much room they take compared to their value. The same mindset goes for any weapon you find and want to sell to a merchant. If you have duplicates of an item you may consider using it or leaving one of them behind to have a variety of items to take out with you. However, you want to have multiple healing, food, and drink items on you in case you need them while you’re traveling.

Unique items like disenchantment scrolls, identification scrolls, lockpicks, and coin purses are reasonable multiples to carry on you. A lot of your inventory space comes from how you place, such as having several arrows available for your bow. Spend time thinking about the items you carry on you and try to leave a little space for any unique loot you discover in a dungeon.