How to save in Stoneshard

You can only save at particular points in Stoneshard, and it comes with a price tag

Stoneshard is a turn-based RPG where every move you make counts, but after you move, so do your foes. You need to remain on your toes, or you’re going to find yourself in a heap of trouble in a fight, especially if you get overrun by a horde of foes who outnumber you. When death can happen at any corner, it’s essential to learn how to save in the game.

You don’t want to shut down Stoneshard after you finish playing the game. Doing so will have you lose all your progress, and if you do it too early in the prologue, you may have to start over. There’s no save feature on the menu, either, so you can’t do it there, and you can’t do it freely whenever you want to end your game. You do need to finish the prologue first to have your chance to start saving the game, and you’ve chosen your character.

When you want to save you need to visit a tavern to rent a room. You have the option to rent it for a day for 10 crowns, a week for 60 crowns, and two weeks for 110 crowns. After you’ve chosen how long you wish to rent the room, go to the right side of the inn, and you should see stairs you can go up. You should transition to a new screen where you should see two available rooms. Pick a room and then go up to the bed where you an option to sleep, and you can choose how long you sleep and when you wake up. You will wake up with the “fresh” buff on the top of your screen.

You need to pay the innkeeper every time you wish to rent the room if you want to rent it for a night. However, you can choose to purchase a room for a week or two if you know you plan to be back within that time frame. Given the amount you can rent the rooms for, it makes no difference, and it might be better to stick to renting it every night.

The alternative is to find a brigand camp out in the middle of the world and clear it out. You should find these on tiles with the question mark on them. Clear them out of enemies, and when you’re done approach the bed in the camp. When you sleep at the bed you should have your character rest and you can save the game.