How to craft a Recovery Compass in Minecraft

Where did you drop your items?

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The Recovery Compass is a useful item you want to craft in Minecraft. It’s an item that was added to Minecraft during the Wild 1.19 Update. When you use the item, it will point to the last location where your character died, giving you a good idea of where you need to go when you want to loot any item you lost following your last encounter. You want to bring one with you when you explore new territory in an area you haven’t explored before. This guide details how to craft a Recovery Compass in Minecraft.

How to craft a Recovery Compass

The only way to make a Recovery Compass is to find Echo Shards. It’s a resource you can only find in an Ancient City, which means you need to find a Deep Dark biome to potentially find one of them. A Deep Dark biome has the chance to underground in your Minecraft world. It will be beneath the Y=-1 and Y=-64 regions, and you’ll have to do plenty of digging to find it. You’ll need you’ve discovered a Deep Dark biome when you find multiple Deepslate and Sculk blocks throughout an area.

After discovering the Deep Dark, the next step is to find an Ancient City. The Ancient City is a large structure that spawns within the Deep Dark, and it contains all of the same blocks of the Deep Dark. An Ancient City is much further down, typically spawning in the Y=-54 area. There are multiple chests within an Ancient City, which contain the Echo Shards you need to find.

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You need to find eight Echo Shards to complete the Recovery Compass recipe. Once you have all eight, you can bring them back to a crafting table, use a standard Compass, and you can complete the Recovery Compass. The item will also point to the last location you died unless you’re in a different dimension than where you perished.