How to craft a Spyglass in Minecraft

Land ho!

Screenshot by Gamepur

Have you ever been exploring a biome in Minecraft and wonder what something in the distance was, but you were afraid to see what it was in case of dangerous mobs in the area? Man, it really would have been nice to have something that could magnify your sight, right? That is where the Spyglass comes into play. Here is how you can craft one for yourself and see anything upon the horizon.

The Spyglass can be crafted by gathering two Copper Ingots and one Amethyst Shard. You can pick the two Copper Ingots by mining Raw Copper and smelting it through a Furnace. The Amethyst Shard is collected from Amethyst Clusters. These can only be found on top of Budding Amethyst blocks (image below for what they look like). They can appear in four different growing stages, with only the last stage producing any shards when you break them. Strike it with a non-Silk Touch iron or above pickaxe to gather four shards. Hitting it with any other tool will drop two shards.

When you have two Copper Ingots and at least one Amethyst Shard, you can craft your Spyglass. If playing with a crafting grid, set the Amethyst Shard in the top middle slot with the two ingots in the spaces directly below it.

With a Spyglass in your hand, all you need to do is press the interaction button on whatever platform you are playing on, and you will look down the sights of it. Your view will zoom in on whatever it is looking at, and you will be slowed until you stop looking through it.

Screenshot by Gamepur