How to craft and use a soul lantern in Minecraft

A new lantern to use in the Nether.

Soul lanterns are handy to place around your property when attempting to live in the Nether in Minecraft. They work like a traditional lantern, except it gives off a distinctly blue glow and wards Piglins away from you. It requires the same ingredients as a traditional lantern, but instead of a torch, you will need to use a soul torch.

You can craft a soul torch by having one coal or charcoal, a stick, and soul soil or soul sand. Both soul soil and soul sand are available in the Nether’s soul sand valley, and you have to use a shovel to harvest them. Once you have any of those two blocks, combine it with your other ingredients to create your torch. The final thing you need to create your soul lantern is to obtain eight iron nuggets.

The soul lantern can go below lanterns or attach to chains that you can place around your settlement. It’s a good idea to hang them in locations to keep Piglins away from your property. These lights only emit 10 spaces worth of light, compared to the traditional 15 spaces of the standard lantern, and they do not melt snow. You won’t be able to loot a soul lantern from a chest or find it at any of the Nether locations. Crafting one is the only way to have one.