How to craft and use the hammer in Harvestella

It’s for more than just destruction.

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Taking care of a farm is hard work and requires a lot of tools. In Harvestella, you start off with some basic tools to help you sow the fields and plant some crops. Of course, you will need a few more items than that and that is where the hammer comes in. The hammer is the go-to tool whenever you need something destroyed or returned to your bag. This guide will show you how to craft and use the hammer in Harvestella.

How to craft the hammer in Harvestella

On day two of your life in Harvestella, Cres will show you the dos and don’ts of tending to the fields outside your new home. After planting a few crops, she will tell you that you will need some Hard Stone in order to make yourself a hammer. While this might not sound like an ingredient you can get without a hammer, it is actually pretty easy to find. You simply need to head out to the map and go east to find the Njord Steppe.

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Once you are in the Njord Steppe, look for mining spots that are indicated by small rock symbols. Interact with them to pick up a few materials and move on to the next one. Once you have cleared the mining spots, head back to your house. You won’t get enough stones on your first trip, but that’s okay; you don’t have the ability to craft yet anyway.

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On day three, you will gain the ability to craft. Gather up the rest of the stones and use the crafting table in your home. In the crafting menu, you will see the hammer as an available choice to craft. It requires 10 Hard Stones. Once you have all the required stones, choose the craft option to make the hammer.

How to use the hammer in Harvestella

Using the hammer is the same as any other tool. On PC, you can bring up the hammer by pressing the right mouse button and the 3 key. On the Switch, you can bring up the hammer by pressing ZR and pressing right on the D-Pad.

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Once the hammer is equipped, you can use it on items like rocks to destroy them, clearing the way for additional crops to be planted. You can also use the hammer to return plots of land back to how they were if you no longer wish to use them for crops.