How to craft in New World

Make it with your two hands.

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Crafting is a critical skill to master in New World. You have the option to use the weapons and gear you receive from quests, but along the way, creating weapons and tools are a great way to increase your effectiveness in combat or even give you the chance to try out a new weapon style you haven’t tried yet. Luckily, most of the crafting takes place in a single place. In this guide, we’re going to break down how to craft in New World. First, there is basic crafting, and then there are more advanced forms of crafting.

Whenever you’re ready to do some craft, you want to find a nearby campsite with a fire going in the middle. You’ll spend your time here resting if you want to give your character the fully rested buff, or they need to recover any health points they’ve lost. Alternatively, you’ll also have the option to craft at these stations. All you have to do is approach them and press the E key to bring up the crafting menu.

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The crafting menu will list out all of your basic cooking options, tools, weapons, ammunition choices, health and mana potions, blight tinctures, and it will list out of the unlearned recipes at the very bottom. To the right of these recipes are the requirements you need to meet to unlock them. These are many of the basic crafting options you have when you first start the game. However, there are more advanced crafting lines that you can choose to explore, such as weaponsmithing, armoring, arcana, engineering, furnishing, jewelcrafting, and cooking.

These are all of the advanced locations for each of the specific crafting systems in New World.

  • Arcana: Arcane Repository
  • Armoring: Forge or Outfitting station
  • Cooking: Kitchen
  • Engineering: Workshop or Forge
  • Furnishing: Workshop
  • Jewelcrafting: Outfitting station
  • Weaponsmothing: Forge

The more advanced crafting systems are explored within Settlements, and if you want to make better items through the crafting system, you need to level up those stations through Town Projects.