How to craft medicine in Wartales

Medicine is a necessity in war.

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Medicine is a necessity in Wartales. This not-so-magical liquid heals the wounds that your units are inflicted during battle and gets them back into fighting shape. Without it, your companions are as good as dead. Here is how you craft medicine in Wartales.

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If you decide you want to go the route of spending money. You can always purchase medicine from the local apothecary. However, that can get pretty pricey, and when you got payments to give your troops, that route can lead you to bankruptcy. Crafting medicine is much cheaper, but it requires quite a few materials. You will need the following materials.

  • One Vial
  • Two Snow Iris
  • Two Comfrey

Comfrey are pretty commonplace across that map and appear as small purple flowers. Vials can be found in loot from battle, stolen from apothecaries, and reused from depleted medicine. The hardest item to find is Snow Irises. These flowers can be found in snowy climates and appear as blue flowers on the map.

Before you can craft medicine, you first need to have someone take the alchemist profession. You can do this by visiting an apothecary and using the crafting table inside. Add the profession to one of your companions and use the crafting table to craft the medicine with the materials.