How to craft multiple of one item in the Survivalists

Craft up to twenty of one item.

Image via Team17 Digital

Crafting is a big part of The Survivalists. The game relies on a blueprint tree to progress and advance through the island and build a secure base. Crafting can be repetitive. Monkeys help speed the process along by assigning tasks. You will need to be involved in the crafting process until you have enough monkeys.

Crafting more than one of the same item will be necessary for walls, floors, food, and replacement tools. One condition for crafting multiples of one item is that it only works on crafting tables like the crafting bench, campfire, cooking pot, or forge. You cannot craft stacks of an item from your inventory.

In order to craft multiple items:

  • Select the tool from the table’s blueprint options. 
  • Hold A on a controller or left click on the PC.
  • A slider will appear ranging from one to 20.
  • Select the number you would like, up to 20.

This sounds convenient to craft multiple items, but it is less exciting. The feature isn’t designed for quickly crafting multiple items at once. Instead, it’s designed to put a limitation on the monkeys. Monkeys can deliver materials to crafting benches. And if you do not limit the number of items crafted, the blueprint remains active until you stop it or the materials run out. By setting a number to the amount, you prevent the monkeys from making too many and using all your supplies.

This is fine if you have the workers for it. It is a chore if you do not have the monkeys for it. You will need to deliver the materials one by one as you would for any blueprint. Only use this feature if you have monkeys to add materials for you.